Bio data of Dr.Amany Saad Amer

Job title:Associate Professor and Head of biology and Environmental Indicators Department at CLEQM

Email Address:

Worked as Biologist in Laboratory of Water Quality Department in Nile Research Institute (NRI), National Water Research Center (1990-1995). Worked in (CLEQM) as researcher (1995-2011) and from 2013 as associate professor and head of biology and Environmental Indicators Department. Received M.Sc. 1997, Biology Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt. Received Ph.D. 2007, Biology Department, Girls Collage, Ain Shams University, Egypt. Have qualifications in water quality assessment of different types of water starting with sampling, analysis and biological data reporting. Have about ten publications. Joining number of International Journals as peer reviewer.

Areas of expertise:

* Water quality
* Biological indicators
* Aquatic plankton