Bio data of Dr.Karam Farrag

Job title:Researcher and Head of Soil Department at CLEQM

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Karam Farrag graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams Univ., Egypt, in 1993. He started his career as an Independent Professional Agronomist. In 1998 he joined the Central Laboratory for Environmental Quality Monitoring (CLEQM), National Water Research Center of Egypt, as Soil Senior Analyst. In 2003 he received his MSc from the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (CIHEAM-MAIB), Italy. In 2005 he received an Advanced Diploma in Operators for Sustainable Agriculture from the same institute. In 2006 he gained PhD research fellowship from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair in the framework of regional project for monitoring of contaminated sites. In 2009 he obtained his Ph.D. from Univ. of Bari, Italy, in the area of bio-remediation of contaminated soil. In 2010 he signed a two-year contract with the Research Center on Environmental Methodologies and Technologies (METEA), Italy, in the framework of regional programme for addressing the bio-stabilization and maturation of biomass residues. At the end of 2012 he moved back to CLEQM and joined the Biology and Environmental Indicators Department. In June 2013, he has been selected as an Assistant Researcher and promoted to Researcher in Nov 2013. In June 2014 he has been appointed as Head of Soil Department. Karam is involved in various collaborative regional and international research activities and research projects. He has published numerous papers in many scientific journals, proceedings and chapters in books of international standing. He is member of editorial board and referee of several international peer-reviewed journals.

Areas of expertise:

* water quality management, agricultural water productivity
* water-use efficiency, soil and water conservation
* bio- and phytoremediation, bio-stabilization and maturation of biomass residues composting process of biomass