Biology & Environmental Indicators Department

Includes (Aquatic Environment, Plant, and Zoology)



  Living organisms including Phytoplankton, Zooplanktons, and Macrobenthos considered as a good biological indicators of water pollution.

  Also, analysis of different parts Fish and Plant can indicate the water pollution degree.

  Each laboratory has the analytical instrument for either  preparation or evaluation


Department Instruments:

·         High magnification power microscopes

·         Stereomicroscopes

·         Electronic sensitive balance

·         Microfine cutting grinder

·         High temperature ovens

·         Incubator

·         Laminar air flow cabinet

·         Hot plates

·         Chlorophyll grinder

·         Centrifuge

·         Fish measuring device

Department Services:

·         Preparation of different parts of plant for detection heavy metals, cations and NPK

·         Preparation fish samples for heavy metals detection

·         Zooplankton and phytoplankton enumeration and classification

·         Measurements of chlorophyll (a,b,c)