Trainees attending courses offered by CLEQM get exposed to all types of analytical techniques related to water quality. Themes covered by CLEQM allow trainees to participate on solving wide variety of environmental problems and accumulate expertise. Participants will make use of all lab’s housed instruments. On-hand training during daily operations supported by lectures offered by specialized experts will insure professional satisfaction.  

Training on analytical instrumentation, application and data analysis are provided to trainees. CLEQM experts participate in designing and developing other analytical laboratories, training analysts and developing methods applicable in the client's laboratory. CLEQM also helps clients in formulating an effective analytical program.

Special workshops are often prepared by CLEQM staff on analytical techniques and their application, e.g., Ion chromatography and ICP-OES techniques in trace metal analysis, trace organic analysis by GC–MS, quality control and quality assurance in analytical laboratory.

The proper infrastructure allows CLEQM to have major instruments as well as basic needs. The facility consists of the totally environmentally lab areas and the training center. Trainees will make full use of in –house instruments, including instrumental analysis, operation and trouble shooting.