Soil Department



Determination of some physical and chemical parameters in soil samples to evaluate soil for
iculture or for any project, do the same parameters in sediments to evaluate contaminations.

Department Instruments:

·         EC meter,

·         Stirrer

·         Calcimeter,

·         Oven

·         pH meter,

·         Water Path

·         Flame Photometer,

·         Hot plate

·         Centrifuge,

·         Balance

·         Permeameter

·         Dry Sieving

·         Shaker,

·         Distiller

·         Crusher.

·         Computer


Department Services:

·   Our lasting services cover governmental departments, private sectors, general public, universities, and institutional researchers.

·    We provide advice and assistance with quality monitoring programs, water samples collection and transport logistics.

·      Results of testes could be supported by data interpretations and reporting.

 Our methods and procedures adhere to the APHA specifications and the QA/QC internal program guarantees a          rapid response and fast turnaround of all samples received, ensuring scientifically sound and legally
data to all our customers.