Field Sampling:

CLEQMI has various modern field equipment that support sampling collection and measurements, and enable precise analytical results for measuring water quality. Those field parameters such as (pH – DO – EC – Temp.).

Technical Facilities:

CLEQM is equipped with other facilities like:
-  Conference room.
- A training center outfitted with displaying equipment's for sessions and workshops.
- Technical library and information center.

Technical library:

The CLEQM technical is specialized in water Quality and contains up- to- date scientific references, periodicals, journals as well as laboratory technical papers and reports to support scientific researches and researchers.

Information and data center:

CLEQM has a computer lab with 12 PC loaded with software and some water quality models also GIS program and statistical program. In the same time all are connected to the internet through a network to be used for researchers and some courses which needs the internet services.